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How we got into the pizza business


Our family has been in the stone business for many years. During that time we discovered the qualities of soapstone and built a successful business fabricating and installing soapstone counters and vanity tops.

We discovered that soapstone is a naturally occurring mineral that has been used by people for centuries for many uses. Soapstone is an extremely dense and durable stone but its most amazing feature was its extraordinary thermal properties allowing it to hold hot and cold temperatures for long periods of time. We also came to know that Soapstone has virtually no taste, which means that it will cook your food without ever altering the flavor.

When we learned these wonderful facts about soapstone we realized that we could expand our product line naturally by creating smaller, specially shaped stones that fit conveniently into conventional home ovens.

This turned out to be a very good idea because of the natural qualities of soapstone. Natural quarried soapstone is softer than most other naturally occurring minerals. But even though it is soft, soapstone is extremely dense and non-porous. For example soapstone is denser than marble, slate, limestone and even granite. Because soapstone is impenetrable, it does not allow anything to permeate the surface. Other stones, including granite, have a propensity to soil; this is why soapstone (Steatite) is widely used as chemistry laboratory tops and acid baths.

These same qualities made soapstone a perfect choice to use to make pizza stones.

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