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“Last night’s pizza – yummm – one of three. It’s all about the stone then isn’t it? Tried one from home depot before I bought yours – glad I did so I could see IT’S ALL ABOUT THE STONE !!! Thanks again for the quick delivery too.”

- Kevin Verronneau

I absolutely love the pizza stone. I measured my oven but did not realize that the door had a protrusion on it where the glass is so it would not fit. I cut a flat on one side so it measures 18 inches across but only 17 deep. Works perfectly. In fact, the added thickness is what makes it so great. No pre-cooking of the pizza crust is required. I have a laser thermometer and use it to be sure the stone is up to temp. When the oven reaches 500 degrees, the stone is still at 275 degrees. Waiting another half hour until the stone is up to temp makes an awesome pizza. I don’t think it could be better. The pizza is just turning brown on the bottom and on the top while the inside is still soft. Baking bread on the stone is also great. That kind of crust on both the pizza and the bread cannot be created without a brick oven. Great product. Thanks.

- Wayne Stoops

“Cooked the best pizzas I have ever made last night with the stone on the Big Green Egg. It was even very forgiving when we torn the first crust putting the pizza on. We love it! Thanks!”

- Susan

“I love my new stone. Wish it had a metal holder to pick it up.”

- Allison Cuba

“I just wanted to thank Soapstone Products for your timely delivery, having received my pizza stone just before Christmas. The person who delivered my product was super excited and I thank him very much. We are grateful that your business took the time and effort to ensure this. I highly appreciate good business practices and I would highly recommend your products and services to anyone.”

- Anthony Lavadera

“It also seems to maintain its heat very well — in a 560-degree oven, it will read 560 with an infrared thermometer and still at 540 after baking a pizza on it for 6 minutes. But here’s the neat part, I’ve done a dozen pizzas in a row at a dinner party, and the pizza stone never dropped below about 530. I’ve also used it with great success for bread baking, pizza slice reheating, and broiling peppers, all of the above taste much better baked on my soapstone pizza stone. “

- Norman Sonnenberg, Hackensack, NJ

“They call this a “pizza stone” but I use it to bake cookies and bread. Any baked item cooked on baking stones is significantly improved with a crispy crust unattainable from baking either directly on the oven rack, or on a metal baking sheet. Additionally, when not in use for baking, the stone may be kept on the bottom rack of the oven to help regulate the temperature, providing even heat. I find less loss of heat when I open and close the oven door when the stone is present. This is a wonderful product.”

- Judith Manson, Fresh Meadows, NY

“We love pizza and can honestly say that a soapstone pizza stone is the best friend of pizza lovers. No matter how much you spend on a home oven, there is nothing that gets a pizza crust crisp and delicious like stone baking. We use ours every week and we give pizza stones to our friends who love pizza.”

- N an S Rosenfield, Bloomfield, NJ

“Love it!”

- Mark McGreevey

“I have to thank you for helping me with this stone it is absolutely awesome I have no pics at the moment if I do I will send.”

- Chuck Miller

“Works great, pics next time I use it. At my home in Italy, I have a wood-fired oven, but sometimes I use my gas fired BBQ grill and a polished piece of marble. If your stone didn’t weigh so much, I’d send one there.”

- Tony Schweikle

“Love the pizza stone, I use it not only for pizza but also to bake cookies, biscuits etc.”

- Robin O’Brien