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Are all pizza stones the same?

There are many variations in pizza stones. There are also many price levels. While they are designed to do the same thing, the answer to the question is that all pizza stones are not the same.

Some are made of engineered composition material, and because they are manufactured, rather than quarried, their price includes the cost of their modern design. In contrast our pizza stones are made of natural quarried soapstone which are more rustic looking but which has been proven to be more effective and more durable over time.

Some pizza stones come round and others are square or rectangular. Some come with carriers and some are more pristine and undecorated.

Some are very inexpensive and can be purchased at your local department or big box store and some are of higher quality and are available form specialty stores or online retailers.

If you are a more serious cook, you may want to have the quality of a genuine soapstone pizza stone that is thicker and therefore can retain more heat.

Because pizza aficionados tend to have strong feelings about the tools they use to enjoy their favorite food, you may want to ask your vendor for recommendations or testimonials from happy customers.

With pizza stones, as with many consumer products, it is generally true that “you get what you pay for.”

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