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How a pizza stone can make your pizza taste better

People have been using soapstone to cook for centuries, and with good reason. While not only being durable and aesthetically pleasing, soapstone is a nonporous natural stone with amazing thermal properties. Unlike many other kinds of stone, soapstone is able to maintain heat for long periods of time. When taken out of the oven, it will keep your pizza hot, fresh, and ready to serve. If you never made a pizza on a soapstone pizza stone, you will notice a difference.

One of the reasons that pizza tastes better at your local pizzeria is that the oven is hotter and the pizza is cooked directly on the oven floor. The soapstone pizza stone gets very hot and then transmits this heat to your pizza quickly and evenly. It is this high, fast heat that crisps the pizza crust and quickly melts the sauce and cheese into a delicious taste.

And it isn’t just pizza that tastes better with a soapstone pizza stone. Many soap stone owners cook calzones, cookies and bread on their pizza stones.

Using our soapstone pizza stones will not only cut your cooking time by nearly half, but will also give your pizza a unique browning and crisping that cannot be achieved with other pizza stones. Because it is made of soapstone, when put in the oven or grill it will heat up evenly and consistently throughout. Since soapstone is also nonporous, it will not foster bacteria growth, making it ideal for cooking use. Another great quality of soapstone is that it has no taste, and will not add undesired flavors to your pizza.

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