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Taking Care of Your Soapstone Pizza Stone

February 19th, 2019

Using a pizza stone for your culinary pizza creations is a great choice. It gives you a crispier pizza that tastes better and cooks in half the time!

But to get the best results you need to keep your pizza stone in shape.  Here are five tips to get the best performance from your soapstone pizza stone.

5 Tips for Caring for & Using Your Pizza Stone

 1. Handle with Care: This tip is really safety advice for you. . A quality soapstone product holds hot temperatures longer. Make sure the stone has cooled down to room temperature before touching.

 2. Cure Your Pizza Stone:  Apply a thin layer of vegetable oil to your pizza stone. This protects it and contributes to ease of removal of your pizza.

3. Be Temperature Conscious:  To get the best results follow directions to make sure your pizza stone is at the required temperature before you place your uncooked pizza on the stone.

4. Use a Pizza Peel:  For efficient removal of your pizza from the oven, use a pizza peel (paddle). This helps lift the pizza cleanly off the stone.

5. Watch Baking Times:  Your pizza will cook in almost half the time on soapstone pizza stone – keep an eye on your creation as it bakes.

Consider the above tips for quality care of your soapstone product. Proper care of your pizza stone contributes to perfect pizza baking. You’ll enjoy years of use by following these simple tips.

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